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Falling Down a Flight of Stairs and Breaking an Ankle

Tuesday, 19 July 2022 00:00

Falling down a flight of stairs can cause many injuries, some quite serious. It is not uncommon for a person to take such a fall and sustain a foot or ankle fracture. Since other injuries, like dangerous and life-threatening head injuries, can occur from falling, it is imperative that falls be carefully evaluated and treated promptly. An ankle sprain is when the ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint stretch or tear. Foot and ankle fractures are breaks in bones. With either of these, pain will be intense, and walking will be difficult, if not impossible. The foot or ankle will likely become swollen, and bruising may appear. Practice safety tips when climbing up or down steps. Use a handrail with at least one hand. If the stairs are in your home, try covering them with a non- slippery surface, such as carpet. Make sure the stairs are well lit and free of objects that could pose as falling hazards. If you should fall on stairs and injure your feet, contact a podiatrist who can examine your ankle, determine whether it is a sprain or fracture, and provide appropriate treatment options.


Broken ankles need immediate treatment. If you are seeking treatment, contact the podiatrists from Dr. Siegerman & Associates. Our doctors can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet. 

Broken Ankles
A broken ankle is experienced when a person fractures their tibia or fibula in the lower leg and ankle area. Both of these bones are attached at the bottom of the leg and combine to form what we know to be our ankle.

When a physician is referring to a break of the ankle, he or she is usually referring to a break in the area where the tibia and fibula are joined to create our ankle joint. Ankles are more prone to fractures because the ankle is an area that suffers a lot of pressure and stress. There are some obvious signs when a person experiences a fractured ankle, and the following symptoms may be present.

Symptoms of a Fractured Ankle

  • Excessive pain when the area is touched or when any pressure is placed on the ankle
  •  Swelling around the area
  •  Bruising of the area
  • Area appears to be deformed

If you suspect an ankle fracture, it is recommended to seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you have your podiatrist diagnose the fracture, the quicker you’ll be on the way towards recovery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our offices located in Drexel Hill and West Chester, PA . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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